Tears in a Bottle (Psalms 56:8)

Tear bottle.jpg

You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle;
Are they not in Your book?
Psalms 56:8

I have read many interpretations of this lovely verse. Some commentators have alluded to the tradition that mourners in that region would literally catch their tears in a bottle called lachrymatories (see photo) and place them as a tribute and honor in the tombs of their loved ones, symbolizing their love and devotion to the deceased. John Bunyan said, “God preserves our tears in a bottle, so that He can wipe them away.” Matthew Henry said, “The tears of God’s persecuted people are bottled up, and sealed among God’s treasures.”

God created us to love and worship Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Emotions are at the core of such intense devotion to Him.  God created us as emotional beings and during our most intense moments of need or elation, our tears may appear. Even our Lord, Jesus Christ, wept at the tomb of His friend Lazarus. When we cry, our tears should remind us that this a full and beautiful expression of how God is more than able to comfort us because He understands and loves us.

God’s bottle of my tears holds the promise of His blessings.

Love and respect the Lord; seek His will in your life.