Food Tastes Better When You Are Hungry (Proverbs 27:7)

I love a great meal. I love the selection of the recipe, the gathering of the ingredients, the cooking and plating, and selecting the appropriate side dishes. But the only thing that makes the entire meal more special is if I have not eaten for a while. After all, food tastes better when you are hungry!

One who is full loathes honey, but to one who is hungry everything bitter is sweet.
Proverbs 27:7

Whenever I read this Proverb, I laugh, because it perfectly encapsulates my feelings. But it is a metaphor for life as well. Indulging in our favorite pastime or food is always more special when we have not done so in a while. But is our hunger for our relationship with God as intense?

God loves to bless His people. But sometimes, we become accustomed to these blessings and take God for granted. We see this over and over again in the Bible. The Hebrews were rescued from slavery in Egypt and protected and fed manna for 40 years in the desert. Yet, after a short while, they complained about their hard life stating they missed the variety of food in Egypt! They even complained that life was better in Egypt! How ungrateful!

I am definitely guilty of taking God for granted for the many blessings He has showered upon my life. At times, I have grown complacent in my walk with God. I do not seek God in all my activities. I do not give glory to God for what happens during the day. I do not spend time in prayer simply giving thanks and acknowledging God for who He is, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. No, I have engorged myself on God’s blessings and I am no longer hungry.

I need to hunger and thirst for the true bread and living water of Jesus Christ. I need to crave my relationship with Him. I need to remain hungry!

Thanks be to God for His mercy and grace to me even when I am ungrateful for His blessings.

Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.