Plot Twists (Acts 26:8)

I recently attended a showing of a movie that I waited an hour, queuing up in the line, to see. The movie did not disappoint, filled with action and mind-blowing special effects. Yet, in the aftermath, I felt a bit letdown. The movie contained few, if any, plot twists. From start to finish, the movie was very predictable.

Plot twists add a great deal of interest to any story. We like to be surprised, to have our expectations challenged and turned upside down and inside out. And this is why the Bible is so compelling to read. It takes us from the beginning of time to a final vision of eternity. But along the way, life’s most unexpected plot twists are unveiled. It is a thrilling story replete with flawed heroes and villains. And it tells the greatest love story of God caring for and reaching out to His Creation.

Sin had separated man from God.  And try as he might, no effort on man’s part would ever be able to heal the rift that tore apart our relationship with God. God had to take the initiative by sending His Son, Jesus Christ. This is greatest plot twist that has ever been told. God actually died for our sins, taking the penalty for our sins for which we should justifiably be punished, and redeeming us, by being raised from the dead. Our expectations and sensibilities have been turned upside down!

Why is it thought incredible by any of you that God raises the dead?
Acts 26:8

Paul asked this question during the defense of his faith before King Agrippa. But God asks this same question of all of us. If God is the Creator of the universe, why wouldn’t we accept the fact that He could raise His Son from the dead? It is the greatest plot twist ever told. And it the greatest and most beautiful truth ever revealed!

Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.