The World is Getting Smaller (Mark 13:10)

The world is getting smaller everyday. No, not by erosion. Technology is removing geographic barriers and allowing man to reach the remotest parts of the world. First it was the train, then the automobile, the airplane, and the rocket. Now the internet allows nearly instantaneous transmission of information, even allowing for simultaneous virtual conferencing with people on several different continents. These are very exciting times in which we live!

And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations.
Mark 13:10

Jesus Christ told His disciples that the end times will begin when the Gospel is preached to all nations. Although there have been great missionary movements in the past, never before in the history of mankind is the possibility of reaching all nations and all peoples been so real as this current time. To truly reach every person with the Word of God is exciting! But it comes with a sobering realization that when this comes to fruition, the end times will be upon us.

Jesus Christ told His disciples that only God the Father knows when the exact moment the end times will begin. While we should always live in the expectation of the end times and Jesus’ return, we should keep our focus upon sharing the Gospel to this lost world. We now have the technological means to reach more people than at any other time in history. Let us use our days wisely, utilizing whatever resources to preach the Gospel to all nations.

Love and respect the Lord; seek His will in your life.