Who is Your Master? (Ephesians 6:20)

Who is your master?

We love our freedom. We chafe under any suggestion that someone rules over us. Even in a democracy like the United States, the idea of big government looking over our shoulder gives most of us an uncomfortable paranoia. We love our free will and some will defiantly shake their fist at God saying that He cannot break their will, even at their last moment of life.

The Apostle Paul was imprisoned several times during his missionary travels. Some of his greatest letters were written while he was in prison. In one of these letters to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul described himself with a number of phrases:

...the prisoner of Christ Jesus...
Ephesians 3:1

...the prisoner of the Lord...
Ephesians 4:1

...I am an ambassador in chains...
Ephesians 6:20

Although a prisoner in Roman prison, Paul did not acknowledge the Romans as his jail keeper or prison master. He turned the focus upon His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He willingly and gladly acknowledged that his imprisonment and chains were for the glory of Jesus. These apparent setbacks in his travels turned out for the greater advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And this is all that mattered to Paul.

Who is your master?

Submitting to the Lordship and rule of Jesus Christ in your life is true freedom. When you do this, you will experience the life that God wants for you, not the life that you think you want to live.

Love and respect the Lord; seek His will in your life.