God Is Always Blessing! (Isaiah 55:8 )

I recently hired a new employee. On the first day of work, he received an emergency call from his family. His mother was in the emergency room. She was the primary caregiver for his young daughter with special needs so both of them needed his attention. He politely asked if he could leave at lunchtime to attend this crisis. The next day, he called and informed me that while his mother was stable, she would be unable to continue her duties as his daughter’s caregiver. His wife had a full-time job and his siblings were unwilling to share in the care of his mother. With great sadness and frustration, he submitted his resignation to me, not even completing one day of work.


I was greatly disheartened by the rapid turn of events. I asked if there was any way he could work part-time. He said no. I then asked him if he knew anyone else who may be looking for a job. He mentioned a woman who was familiar to me since she used to work in my former company. A brief series of emails ensued and she was scheduled to come in for an interview the next day.


After this, I prayed. I prayed for my employee’s family and the health of his mother and daughter. I prayed for his job situation. I prayed that God would take this entire situation and show His glory. I prayed for greater faith to allow me to follow God’s leading and not try to impose my control and will.


The next day, I interviewed the other woman. She was definitely qualified and interested in the job but was only interested in part-time work due to family issues. I reluctantly acknowledged her request even though I knew I needed a full-time employee. After she left, my first employee called and informed me that his mother-in-law was able to watch his daughter. However, she could only do this after she finished her job at 10AM. Thus, if I was still interested, he could work for me, but only on a part-time basis. I was floored!


For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.

Isaiah 55:8 (ESV)


How does God work in our lives? How does God answer prayers? In this one small example in my life, God took a serious health situation and used it to bring two employees to my company. I needed one full time employee and, instead, received two part-time employees. The situation now gives me the flexibility to advance both of their positions to full-time depending upon my company’s needs. What initially seemed to be a setback was simply a step in God’s perfect plan.  I could never have conceived such a complex and amazing story. But God can!


Praise God that He is always blessing me, even when I doubt His sovereignty!




Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.