Music and Microscopes (Philippians 2:13)

Before he was a king, before he was the commander of the Israelite army, David was a shepherd. He protected his flock with his sling and herded them together with a rod and staff. Undoubtedly, David spent countless hours passing the time by honing his skills with these weapons. He learned to play several musical instruments. David’s life was the sum of thousands of different experiences. In one of his first actions after being anointed king by the prophet Samuel, he defeated the Philistine giant, Goliath, with the same sling he used to ward off predators of his sheep. He was later appointed to play soothing music for King Saul. Years later, David used his musical abilities and composed numerous psalms, pouring out his heart to God in contrition and thankfulness.  The skills he learned as a shepherd were definitely utilized by God later in his life.


God has similarly worked in my life. Some skills, such as writing and teaching, have an obvious connection to how I currently serve God. Other skills, while seemingly related, would later take on an added dimension. One skill is my music. During my youth, I played both the guitar and violin. As a right handed player, both instruments require my left hand to create the notes and chords on the fingerboard. I quickly developed the dexterity needed to play both instruments. In fact, it became very natural for me to use my left hand to perform tasks that require fine motor control. Years later, God led me to become a dermatopathologist. Everyday, I spend hours at the microscope. My left hand moves the microscope glass slide on the stage of the microscope, while my right hand focuses. When objects are magnified 400 or 600 fold, any small movement of the slide is proportionately exaggerated when I view it through the microscope. Extremely fine motor control is needed by my left hand to move and position the slide to find the lesional cells and arrive at the correct diagnosis. Without my music background, I would never have gained the left hand dexterity I now need for my occupation.


...for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

Philippians 2:13 (ESV)


God prepared David for his future role as the greatest King of Israel by using his skills as a shepherd. He was obedient to the call that God had for his life and utilized all of his skills to serve Him. Like a shepherd, David cared for the nation of Israel, leading and protecting them.


In my life, all of some skills are used by God; He does not let anything I do or learn go to waste, nor does He act in a random or purposeless manner. He brings my different worlds, skills, and interests of my life together in a unique manner. I exist to serve Him and whatever skills He has bestowed upon me, it is for His good pleasure alone.


Praise God!


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.