The First Speech (James 4:6)

The other evening, I was a proud parent as I witnessed my son giving his first speech. What made this speech even more special was its spontaneity! Our family was attending a surprise retirement party for the founder and teacher of my son’s dance class for children with special needs. During the celebration, all of her students lined up and took turns offering their accolades to the teacher. I asked my son if he wanted to thank her and without hesitation, he walked up to the stage and stood in line. I did not know what to expect and thought about joining him on stage, to assist him. But as I witnessed his calm demeanour, I knew he was in control. When his turn came, he took the microphone. He spoke for about a minute. It was wonderful. Tears were in my eyes as I listened to him calmly and confidently give his first speech, completely unrehearsed!

At the end of his tribute, his teacher hugged him and exclaimed, “Ian is our youngest and newest student. He does not say much in class and this is the most I have ever heard him speak. I am so proud of him!”

Me too!

My son spoke from his heart. He did not worry about who was watching or his appearance. He did not concern himself with preparing a polished speech. All he was focused upon was his heart of gratitude and delivering his message of thanks to that special recipient. And he was blessed by her!

... God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
James 4:6 (ESV)

My son’s beautiful speech reminded me when we come before God in prayer and speak to Him, There is nothing we can do to make ourselves better before God. We can only come in humility  and share honestly what is on our heart and mind. We bless God when we are honest and He blesses us for our faithfulness.

Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.