Even the Ants! (Psalms 145:16)

During quiet moments alone in nature, I like to observe the ubiquitous ants scurrying along the ground. It is a seemingly mad scramble that starts and ends in all directions. Yet, with some effort on my part, a logical pattern does appear. Tracing the paths for several hundred feet, a food source like a dead insect or animal is at one starting point and at the end of an equally tortuous path, the entrance to the nest is present. There definitely is an overall plan and the ants know it well!

As I observe this common scene in nature, it is difficult, almost absurd, for me to think that God not only knows the thoughts and actions of each ant but also is directing the process. And He does this while knowing the thoughts and aspirations of every other living creature on this earth. How can this be?

You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing.
Psalms 145:16 (ESV)

My mind is so feeble that I cannot imagine why God would care about the plans and needs of billions of ants. And I am so full of pride, that I cannot imagine why He would NOT care! I am sure my activities and actions must be as amusing and simplistic to God as the actions of the ants to me! He satisfies the desire of every living thing because He created them.

Even the ants are cared for by God. How much more for everyone who has ever lived on this earth?

Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.